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It’s been asked by several people lately what BamaCarry’s stance is on permits to carry our weapons. BamaCarry stands on the Constitution of our great state of Alabama. We always have and always will as long as I have anything to do with it.  If you read our Constitution, you’ll find there is NO authority given to our lawmakers where they may require us to have any kind of a permit to be able to exercise our rights. Here it is plain and simple.  From our Declaration of rights: Section 26 of the Alabama Constitution States the Citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.(we don’t see a militia here or any other stipulations)  Section 36, in part, states “We declare that everything in this Declaration of Rights is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate.” I would suggest if you don’t know what “inviolate” means you look it up. Basically it means, NEVER to be touched!! This is the stance of BamaCarry. Our message is clear and shall remain so.  It’s interesting to note, all other states in the south have provisions in their constitutions for the regulation of small arms. NOT SO with Alabama. Our founders were smarter than the others!!! I thank God they were. We, the people, have a rock to base our complaints on.  We shall continue to stand on that rock!!! BamaCarry is for NO restrictions on a law abiding Citizen to carry in the manor he so chooses. NO tiers, NO classes, NO nothing! Our Goal is “Constitutional Carry.” Until we achieve our goal, please abide by all current laws and restrictions.


is now incorporated and operating as a non profit.
We continue to move forward with a plan to unite Alabama’s gun rights advocates under one banner. We plan to leverage the financial and numerical strength of the state’s largest alliance of supporters of the right to keep and bear arms. We have grown rapidly over the past year, touting over 6,000 members on our Facebook page and online forum. Many more groups affiliated with BamaCarry are active in different areas of the state and carry the same ideals bringing total membership to well over 10,000!!
BamaCarry now has an advisory board for local activists seeking ways to promote gun rights, as well as creating a “war chest” to fight unjust laws through litigation. We will continue our founding principle of educating the public. We’ll always deal with facts. Many opinions, passed off as law, have taken us to where we are today.
Members of BamaCarry have already run in local elections, lobbied for legislation, and conducted classes on responsible ownership and carry of handguns. We continue to maintain close ties to the Alabama legislature, and will provide a voice for grassroots activists during the 2014 session of Congress. Bills are already in the planning stages for 2015.

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Eddie Fulmer, President/Director

Director/Co Founder, Jason Tulley

Sec/Tres-Director, Billy Denton

Co-Founder-Director, Robert W Kennedy

Co-founder/Director, Dennis Stacy



BamaCarry exists to educate and inform Citizens concerning their rights protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Alabama.  BamaCarry centers around the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We strive to restore, protect and maintain these Rights, by educational programs and legal means if necessary, given us by our Creator and protected by our Constitution. We proudly defend the Constitutional Rights of Alabama Citizens to carry a weapon in defense of Self and State.

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